Tree Care Consulting

Do you have questions about your tree(s)?

  • Why is my tree looking bad?
  • Is my tree going to survive?
  • Is my tree worth saving?
  • What is the cost to save my tree?
  • What remedies and treatments are available?
  • I’m building a house on a lot, which trees can I save?
  • Should I be worried about my tree?
  • Is this tree going to fall and cause damage?
  • Someone ran into my tree, can I get compensated?
  • What trees should I plant, where in my yard, when and how do I plant them?

Have a Board Certified Master Arborist evaluate your tree(s) and give you the information you need to make the right decision for the care of your trees. 

Tree Appraisals

Do you need a Tree Appraisal? 

Whether you're a Homeowner, Business or Insurance company, sometimes trees suffer unexpected damage and you need to know:

  • Will the tree survive?
  • What is the value of the tree? (for insurance purposes)

When you setup a Tree Appraisal,  Don Gray will:

  • Come out and assess the damage to your tree(s)
  • Measure the tree(s)
  • Estimate the value of tree(s)
  • Create a detailed report with his findings

Let a Certified Master Arborist use his 35+ years of experience to give you a clear, honest report on the value of your tree(s).

Forestry Consulting

Do you have questions about your Woodlands? 

  • How do I properly care for my woods? 
  • Do I have enough timber for a timber sale?
  • Can I manage my woods for profit?

Perhaps invasives like Honeysuckle, Autumn Olive and Wild Pear trees are invading your woods?

When you setup a Forestry Consultation,  Don Gray will:

  • Evaluate your woodlands
  • Estimate the value of trees
  • Create a plan of action to manage your woodlands

Don is ready to help you be a good steward of your woodlands and create a sustainable resource that continues to grow and thrive for years to come.

Setup a Forestry Consultation Today!

Timber Sale Management

Are you ready to profit from your Woodlands? 

Let Don Gray use his 35+ years of experience to manage your Timber Sale from start to finish, making sure you receive the best price for your timber.

This includes:

  • Selecting & marking the best trees for harvest
  • Compiling report of all trees + Board feet
  • Advertising & conducting Sealed Bid Timber Sale
  • Check-in after sale

Ready to get started? 

Don is ready to help you get the best value for your timber.

Setup a Forestry Consultation today to get started!



Don has a gift for teaching and has taught Arboriculture at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College as well as training local tree care workers for many years.

He is passionate about all areas of tree care including educating new and upcoming Arborists.

Let Don train your Employees in your choice of areas including:

  • Tree Biology
  • Tree Identification
  • Tree/Soil Relations
  • Water Management
  • Tree Nutrition & Fertilization
  • Tree Selection
  • Installation & Establishment
  • Pruning
  • Tree Support & Protection Systems
  • Diagnosis and Plants Disorders
  • Plant Healthcare
  • Tree Assessment & Risk Management
  • Trees & Construction
  • Safety
  • Climbing & Working in Trees
*Note: These are the areas of expertise tested on in the ISA Certified Arborist test. 
Contact Don today to setup a Custom Training Program!
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